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Materials Engineers Group sp. z o.o.


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Activities undertaken by Materials Engineers Group Ltd. incorporate:

Research and Technological Development

own and competetive RTD projects, productive processes, products

Technological Service

scientific and technological diagnosis, advance information and technology transfer

Technological Consultancy Services

tests and analysis, reports, assesing plant life, risk based inspection

Materials Engineers Group Ltd. wide range of services comprise:
- materials selection,

- microstructure degradation assessment,

- post-accident analysis,

- non-destructive testing,

- life plant assessment,

- risk based inspection,

- numerical analysis (FEM),

in appliance with industrial installations, pressure vessels, pipelines and tanks.
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Materials Engineers Group sp. z o.o.

Street:WoĊ‚oska 141
Postal code:02-507
Phone: +48 22 2348529
Fax: +48 22 2348750

Contact person

Name and Surname: Kinga Hajdacka
Phone: +48 22 2348739
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